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Choosing a guitar

Yes you will need your own guitar to practice in between lessons....
Over the years some students have presented with some quite awful G.S.O.'s (Guitar Shaped Objects) that are unplayable and make learning the guitar very difficult. They often purchased at well known toy shops and that catologue shop where you cannot look at anything before you buy it!  
The usual maxim applies: spend as much as you can because playing a better instrument is easier and more enjoyable. And for a little morew money nowadays you can get a lot of guitar for your money. 

For smaller children who need a 3/4 size you can never go wrong with one of the small Yamaha's. They are the CS40 or the JR1 depending on whether you want nylon strings for a classical (and young finger friendly sound) or a country/folk steel strung. These are usually just short short of £100 but are excellent quality for the money and can sometimes be obtained for less through ebay. If money is no object then the Taylor Baby is amazing for children and adults alike ... but it costs about £270.
Full size beginners acoustic guitars that are great value for money and sound lovely are:
Vintage V300 (absolutely amazing value for money and winner of a few awards and shown above))
Yamaha APX500
Epiphone PR-5E
Tanglewood TSF
Takamine EG220C
Also check out Sigma guitars (cheap cousin of the Martin guitar).
Great value electric guitars include:
Tokai (Les Paul, SG, Telecaster, Stratocaster & ES335 clones). This is what I play because they are as good as (IMHO) their namesakes but at least half the price. Korean models start at about £300ish but the Japanese made ones are the best but about double the price.
Yamaha Pacifica is a great beginners guitar and if you can get hold of one the Telecaster shaped one is stunning.
Squier and Epiphone are okay (but avoid Squier Affinity range) but not a patch on Tokai.
The Mexican Fender's represent good value as well.
Stagg are very cheap and when set up surpisingly good for the money.
For younger players guitars made from Alder (Teles, Strats) are lighter than Mahogony guitar (Les Pauls).
Hope this helps....