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I have been playing guitar since I was about 8 or 9 years old. I started off playing John Denver songs and progressed to classical guitar and took some exams. When I was about 12 my Uncle Dave lent me his electric guitar for a few weeks and taught me a 12 bar progression that blew me away. At the age of  13 I discovered rock (heavy metal actually) and so I acquired my own electric guitar (and amp!!!).


I play and sing in The Laggy Band. We are a four piece acoustic/electric band playing mashed up rock, pop and indie covers as well as some classic Dylan, Cash and country stuff. It's tongue in cheek, high energy fun. It's basically a punked up bluegrassy skiffly kinda thing with some twang throw in.

I play the banjo, guitar, ukulele and mandolin and sing with the Laggy’s. Check out the Laggy Band at http://www.laggyband.com.

I used to play in Rattlefish. Rattlefish were a guitar-driven party band who enjoyed great success and gained a good reputation. In June 2014 we wound up Rattlefish to concentrate on developing The Laggy Band. Check Rattlefish out at http://www.rattlefish.net.



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